»Let’s cross the Atlantic together. I’ll take care of the rowing.»



The collective challenge.

3000 miles across the Atlantic.

3000 names on a boat.

To protect our oceans.

What concern and affects us all, we can only accomplish together.

On December 12, 2019 we will row across the Atlantic.

Who accompanies me with his name and stands for clean waters? Every mile counts and you can get yours for CHF 100.- The more miles, the bigger your name on the boat. Click here to find out how. Of course, companies are also welcome and can raise awareness for the protection of the oceans as a group with their logo. Of course, from a certain size on, interesting options such as speeches, events and other opportunities to say thank you will be discussed individually and personally.

Help make the boat and equipment a reality! In December, I'm rowing across the Atlantic, where we will be drawing attention to the urgent need to protect the oceans. In the middle of the great blue we’ll collect donations for the committed organizations PlasticPatrol and OceanCare because:

Water is our life elixir and the oceans are our vital reservoir. Sadly, every minute a truck load of plastic trash is being dumped into the sea. 86 million tons of plastic are already swimming in our oceans. This not only threatens marine life but pesticides and poisons also ultimately endanger our lives. We don’t want that! 

The campaign’s name „the swiss 1s“ expresses the importance of every individual contribution, including the ones from a land-locked country like Switzerland. The protection of the oceans concerns and affects us all.

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